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Brunswick Port Busier Than Ever: The Positive Impact on Local Economy

The collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore diverted a large volume of traffic to the Port of Brunswick, which recorded its busiest month ever in terms of units of cargo rolled on and off ships. The destruction of American infrastructure in Maryland is hardly something to celebrate, but it is impressive that the Georgia Ports Authority didn’t skip a beat. There is a lot of deteriorating infrastructure in the US so I’m encouraged by the heavy investment into the Georgia Ports Authority to increase capacity and capability. I’m bullish on Brunswick real estate and the more I learn about its logistical importance the more excited I am to invest down there.

Whenever I pass through downtown, I’m impressed with the ongoing revival. Brunswick is home to a lot of distressed real estate, but it also has enormous potential. It is not unusual to walk down a street in Brunswick with vacant residences or office space right next to a beautifully restored historical building. You’ll also often see new single-family homes being built on what were once empty lots. It takes a lot to transform a community, but momentum is building.

The importance of desirable housing cannot be understated when considering how to attract workers to the area. As the port expands to meet the rise in trade, the Georgia Ports Authority and logistics companies will need to grow their workforce. Employers will have to recruit talent to relocate to the Brunswick area because the existing population likely cannot fill all the specialized roles required to support the second-largest roll-on/roll-off port in the United States.

Brunswick has often lagged behind both the national and state averages in levels of household income and wealth. With Savannah to the north and Jacksonville to the south, Brunswick tends to garner less attention among its coastal neighbors. It’s important also to note that Brunswick stands in stark contrast to other cities in Glynn County, such as Sea Island and St. Simons Island. The average household net worth is at least 10 times less in Brunswick than it is in the wealthy island communities, according to College of Coastal Georgia. With wealthy neighbors, growing trade, and economic growth along the coast, the conditions are set for a Brunswick revival.




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